04 Aug 21

Esnala Banda

A look into the mysticism of spirituality and some of the entities that fill African folklore. 

Image courtesy of Kabumba, Kwitu Group, Directed by Chanda Karimamusama.
AMAKA Studio

First I'll say, cool you've recognized African spirituality. That's great. Many people, including the most important to African spirituality, being Africans and those within the African diaspora have for centuries. What would be just about fantastic would be for those who ascribe to religions that have their roots in African spiritual systems(Christianity, Islam, Judaism) would recognize them as well. Even in America both the Mongolian and Black Natives seem to have spiritual traditions that share similarities with regards to nature with African spiritual systems. I would love to read an article that highlights those connections as well. Maybe then we would see people not at odds with one another for having different personal beliefs, knowing that most all beliefs originated in the same place.


What an epic piece! Love that this article was written using as source research conducted by academics and love that their work (or some of it) is also made available. I love reading about subjects like this but often feel limited in my access to accounts from pertinent scholars as I am no longer affiliated to a University. So appreciate the sharing of these incredible stories AND of y'all's attempt to getting around the usual gatekeeping coming from academic institutions! 


Guys, many thanks for these adorable and amazing photos and stories! Enjoyed to read this pretty much.  Pan-African world has opened to me as the world of unusual (especially for us, Europeans) but sooo much attractive culture and mythology in general. 

Michael Clarke

Really interesting, thank you


absolutely beautiful