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Before submitting to us, please read our Editorial Standards and our editorial style guide below:

Formatting Standards
  • Goal: ensure high levels of readability for the audience
  • Diligent use of subtitles to summarize, segment and break up text
  • Incorporating images that also help support + break up the text
  • Call-to-actions incorporated towards the end of the piece
  • Bold proper names first time mentioned
  • Album names/films/books etc are italicized
  • Italicize words that are in another language
  • Only use single quotations for album names/films etc in the titles of a post
  • Double quotation for songs in the body of a text
  • When mentioning someone in an article, use their full name upon the first mention, and their last name thereafter
Writing Practices
  • Common practices to ensure quality writing
  • Prioritize clarity and readability
  • Include stats and attributions
  • Link to sources
  • Double check titles, names and pronouns
  • Include proper accent marks
  • Proper citation of all sources within stories
  • AMAKA uses British English and spelling
  • Must capitalize B in “Black” when referring to people or culture
  • Capitalize “Afrobeat/Afrobeats”
  • Capitalize “Pan-African”
  • When using foreign words or phrases, format them with italics or place them in quotation marks
  • All African country names are capitalized
  • Use Côte d'Ivoire instead of Ivory Coast
  • For the Democratic Republic of Congo, DRC, DR Congo, Congo and Congo-Kinshasa are acceptable
  • For the Republic of the Congo, Congo-Brazzaville is also acceptable
  • For Central African Republic, CAR is also acceptable
  • Both Cape Verde and Cabo Verde are acceptable
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