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Who we are

AMAKA is a MediaTech platform, spotlighting diverse and nuanced stories for women from Africa and the diaspora. We provide a platform that highlights and maintains the diversity, dynamism and vigour of Pan-African womanhood.

Joanna Legid

Joanna Legid

What we do

We aim to be the leading Pan-African focused women’s media platform that privileges their perspectives and experiences through immersive URL and IRL experiences. AMAKA is devoted to cultivating a sense of community, unity and collaboration amongst creatively driven and culturally dynamic women.

Sarah Harry-Isaacs

Sarah Harry-Isaacs


We strive to be the platform with a strong pulse on culturally relevant stories that speak directly to African women across the globe. We exist to empower a new generation of Pan-Africans who are changing the continent’s narrative, propelling a burgeoning class of cultural-leaders, changemakers and unifiers forward.


With few platforms solely dedicated to capturing authentic Pan-African stories, AMAKA fills the gap, by adopting a multidisciplinary, cross-cultural and in-depth approach to content creation, storytelling and editorial narratives that represent various Afro-diasporic women communities.


We break new ground to deliver quality in experience and content that unifies our community. Converging content with commerce, we aim to be a cultural intermediary that integrates these offerings into our consumers’ lives, making it easier for them to discover and connect with African/Black culture, content and creations. We add purpose, ease and value to the modern Pan-African women’s online experience.

AMAKA Studio
Our Story

We are AMAKA, a digital MediaTech platform for Pan-African women.

History has long misrepresented and excluded us from mainstream media. From hyperbolic representations, to misguided and monolithic portrayals, we set off to build our own haven – a space that we can call ours, allowing us to explore and demonstrate who we really are.

AMAKA is that haven.

We’ve created a platform devoted to celebrating our stories and spotlighting our perspectives. Best of all, together with our community, we’ve designed a space to cater to what we’ve always wanted to see and do.

Featuring women from Africa and beyond, we strive to show us in our truest multifaceted forms. However we identify and choose to be, AMAKA is meant for us to just live, be and breathe as we are.

At our core, we are unifiers of an empowered, shared experience – dedicated to breaking new ground together – as we foster a strong community that highlights the diversity, vitality and vigour of the continent and Pan-African womanhood. We are devoted to cultivating a sense of unity and collaboration amongst all types of driven, dynamic and diverse women.

We question the status quo, and always seek to innovate in our offerings – working with our community to provide experiences that remain cutting edge.

This way our community members are constantly and holistically invigorated with relevant content that truly speaks to them, along with new opportunities for their own personal growth and empowerment.

Our community is for anyone and all who identify with us.

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